10 Zimbabwean Podcasts you need to checkout in 2024

The Zimbabwean podcast space has been ever-expanding, with more and more creatives entering the space with content on each and every subject. In our hope to help you navigate the options, we sent out a tweet asking our followers for their favorites and we did some research of our own (A few searches on Google and podcast platforms).

We tried to check out as many Zimbabwean podcasts as we could, to give you our 10 favorites across different categories to give a listen to this year. They range from sports, interviews, and social commentary to literature and hilarious know-it-alls. 

Here is our list of 10 Zimbabwean podcasts you need to check out this year:

The Clubhouse End Podcast

Zimbabwean Podcasts you need to checkout in 2024

Hosted by Larry Kwirirayi, The Clubhouse End is a podcast focused on Zimbabwean cricket. From organizational changes to squad selection, it covers everything.

Larry Kwirirayi Mugabe and Me

Side note: Larry Kwirirayi also recently released a three-part limited podcast called Mugabe and Me. The podcast explores his relationship with the complicated legacy of Robert Mugabe on what would have been his 100th birthday week. 

Byo Podcast

Byo Podcast Ingxoxo-99 podcast

The premise of the Byo Podcast Ingxoxo-99 podcast is a chat (ingxoxo) between unemployed/unfocused youths discussing the latest trending news. The conversations are often filled with relatable humour and sometimes the podcast hosts guests such as artists and content creators.

Dirty Chai with Chio

Dirty Chai with Chio Hosted by Chioneso Sakutukwa

Hosted by Chioneso Sakutukwa, Dirty Chai with Chio is a career podcast, centred on business and career mindset. It features candid conversations exploring the essential elements of career triumphs, discussions on habits to achieve different types of success and embracing transformative mindset shifts. No matter your current career/life path, Dirty Chai will discuss experiences that cross over and touch people in all areas of life.

Let Loose With Dennis

Let Loose With Dennis

Hosted by media personality Dennis Shoko, Let Loose With Dennis is an interview show where Dennis has a laid-back chat with almost anyone. The podcast has featured the likes of presidential hopeful Robert Chapman, Harare mayor Jacob Mafume, Tich Mataz and NAMA-winning comedian King Kandoro among others.


Ihwi Hosted by Rutendo Chichaya

Hosted by Rutendo Chichaya, Ihwi is a series of conversations with various storytellers from Zimbabwe and beyond. The podcast features conversations with authors, bloggers, poets, animators and mural artists among other storytellers.

The Digitally Native Podcast

The Digitally Native Podcast Hosted by Fungai Machirori

Hosted by Fungai Machirori, The Digitally Native Podcast podcast explores what it means to be digital, and to live digital lives from an African perspective. It features various personal reflections from Fungai and interviews with experts. It is focused on topics and trends around digital and social media, and digital innovation.

As Told By Us 

As Told By Us Podcast

As Told By Us is a weekly podcast where four professional millennials discuss living in Zimbabwe and the process of figuring life out through various topical issues. 

Friday Drinks

ZFN Capital's Friday Drinks

ZFN Capital's Friday Drinks hosts conversations reflecting on current affairs and government policy over a tipple. The podcast is both insightful and entertaining as it deftly infuses serious discussions on policies affecting our daily lives.

In This Economy

In This Economy is hosted by Kim Nyajeka

In This Economy is hosted by Kim Nyajeka and it explores how the the current economic environment is impacting the everyday lives of young people around the world.

Black & Forth

Black and Forth features King Kandoro & Munashe Chirisa

Black and Forth features King Kandoro & Munashe Chirisa sitting down and discussing at length things they know nothing about. It's a hilarious conversation about anything and everything. Well worth every second.

What Zimbabwean podcasts are you listening to? Let us know in the comments 

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  1. “It’s Layered podcast” also run by 2 Zim girls 🇿🇼❤️


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