Slyme Foxxs drops Gevah Trap Mixtape

The new mixtape ticks the beginning of OCD’s calendar in 2024. The project is however coming at a time when the stable is hit by the stormy departure of Icey Exkne; a lauded top-drawer talent. 

We have listened to the Gevha Trap mixtape which has wide features but within the OCD vicinity. 

Slyme Foxxs drops Gevha Trap Mixtape

The mixtape composes solo tracks that include Tambo where we underline the reservations attached to developing lessons around Gevha Trap - "hombe munovhura asi rispo richakutsvaga" and Godaben curtailing the rollercoaster urban youth realities. Among others, these two tracks are to an approximate objectivity the standout tracks in terms of conveying themes inspiring the tape. 

Slyme Foxx is not going back to the salt mines. He addresses practical realities which have damned lives from an authentic perspective of the fourth industrial revolution nemesis in contemporary Zimbabwe - as alluded to earlier on; in mostly and presently urban high-density suburbs. There is a lot of misery associated with the rise of Ghevha.

Ghetto ighetto featuring Therslicks and relatively new but exciting Tango is technically a soundtrack. A rating naively based on social media reactions from hip-hop critics/lovers in the country. The mixtape swerves on a trap inclination reiterating the fresh appeal of the new school.

We would love to extend this discussion with your contributions via the dialogue box below. The mixtape is available on all online platforms. 

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