Bagga's New Song 'Jerusalema' Laments Earthly Hypocrisies With Generalizable Messaging: "Vana Kwamuri Vanodzidzei?"

The idea that Bagga’s music has niched spiritual reverence is not sophisticated criticism. His music is furnished with healing. In our understanding, the recent music video for Bagga’s new single titled Jerusalema is the unveiling of a chariot headed to the ancient city.

Bagga - Jerusalema mp3 download

The status of Jerusalem today is strained by the complex humanitarian crisis; Israeli-Palestinian conflict over its control, unsolicited interference by global superpowers and resultant militant conquest. Jerusalem is now an object of veneration.

Bagga’s concept Jerusalema manifests foothills of holiness that cannot be polluted by gunpowder. Director Taurai Zidya reminds Jerusalem of her business on earth. This is achieved by setting the shoot in scenes where Bagga mimics a biblical shepherd. Bagga personifies struggles encountered in a Christian journey.

He ironically reinvents the Jerusalem ongoing tragedy when he sings ‘tese tiri paWar Cry’ which justifies our attempt at juxtaposing the idea of the song with the perceived corpus separatum status of the city.
This is also the point at which Bagga’s lyricism articulates the journey motif. He laments earthly hypocrisies with generalizable messaging ‘vana kwamuri vanodzidzei’.

The song altogether is a summon to interpersonal nemesis. Of further interest is Bagga’s effortless comic relief like in the instance where he goes, ‘ndakajuma danda ndichitsvaga puru’. This kind of wit lures passengers fleeing scorched earth to his chariot of hope.
Nagbeatz produced the track Jerusalema picking from last year’s top charting Nhau Yangu.

Watch the music video using the provided link and be sure to extend this review with your perspectives!

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