Hanna's latest single is a track written with "Pride"

Pride. Often the creator of a chasm between two lovers. The voice that declares irreconcilable differences. When it comes to love and relationships, pride has often not been a good thing. Once swallowed it can go down easy or choke you, and Hanna is here with a reminder of moments that involve the latter.

Hanna - Pride Artwork
"Pride" - album art

"Pride" is a relatable but petty open letter to past lovers from the Zimbabwean-Ethiopian lyricist. A song that was inspired by a relationship gone wrong and lays bare the frustration of being taken for granted. Produced by CCG and Luc Vermeer, Hanna describes it as a track that was meant to be.

From the moment I heard the beat? From the moment I recorded the first line? I knew this would be something special. What it’s become is beyond me, and I’m so so proud. Grateful for all the hands that touched this, thank you for bringing my vision to life and for believing in me. The amount of love & care that went into this... unreal. - Hanna via Instagram 

While grounded in a story of love gone wrong, "Pride" is a metamorphosis of sound. It fuses popular music influences with smooth R&B melodies over a Hip-hop beat with just a hint of Amapiano. Add to that a flute and an old-school rap outro, and you have a genre-bending rap song that showcases the boundary-pushing creativity we've come to know and love from the genre. The track's debut on 5+ Apple Music playlists is a testament to this.

Rumour has it, that this is just the beginning of The Girl in the Durag, as she is set to release an EP sometime this year. This will be Hanna's second full-length project after her debut mixtape "The Girl in the Durag", which was released in 2020.

Hanna on the cover of "Mzansi Raps" - Spotify playlist
Hanna on the cover of "Mzansi Raps" - Spotify playlist

Zimbabwean-Ethiopian artist Hanna Kuruneri is a trailblazing, gender-defying force in South Africa's rap revolution. Bursting onto the scene at the University of Cape Town, Hanna captivated audiences continent-wide through her triumphs in Mr Eazi’s #emPawa100 and Nasty C’s “Lift As You Rise” talent searches. 

Nominated for Best Female at the South African Hip-Hop Awards for her debut mixtape, “The Girl in The Durag,” Hanna went on to electrify Rocking the Daisies in 2022 and 2023. Now, armed with industry honours and boundless creativity, she embarks on an era-defining musical journey.

"Pride" is now available on all streaming platforms.

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