Charisse C captures the sunrise with the lead single from her upcoming debut EP "EVERGREEN"

A painter with the sky as it's canvas, there has always been something of an undescribable beauty in the morning sun. Soft and diffuse, with ever changing hues that send the darkness scattering away. It holds the promises of new beginnings and it is pregnant with hope. Such is the feeling of Charisse C's latest single, "Morning Sun".

Inspired by the radiant morning sun that fills her bedroom when she's in South Africa, Charisse C trades in the hats of DJ/producer for the roles of singer/songwriter. Produced by DJ Kwamzy, Morning Sun has rhythmic drums that infuse the song with ancestral sounds. Paired with Charisse C's softly sung vocals that explore the feeling of falling in love, the song is transcendant in it's pull to forgotten memories.

Morning Sun comes as the lead single of the UK-raised DJ's upcoming debut four-track EP, "EVERGREEN". The EP is slated for release on 5th April via her new label, Abantu.

Charisse C

Charisse C is a DJ, singer/songwriter of Zimbabwean and South African heritage. Raised in the UK; her taste is curious, soulful and bass-heavy, with a playful and intentional demeanour. 

Described by Mixmag as "building a bridge between continents" with her "spiritual storytelling and fluid amapiano sets," and coined the "authority on the genre" by Benji B. The multifaceted tastemaker has played a wide and eclectic span of shows internationally; most recently selling out her own night 'Abantu' at Village Underground. Charisse C’s mixes can be found on Boiler Room, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6, BBC 1Xtra, NTS, Rinse FM and No Signal.

As duo The Ascension, Charisse C and Koek Sista recently released their debut self titled collaborative EP, The Ascension. The project was released through the label Don’t Sleep and it blended together various elements of South African electronic music.

You can checkout "Morning Sun" below:

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