SAI: The emotive singer with a heart of Neo Soul

Neo Soul is often described as a forgotten genre. Once at the peak of popularity in the 90s, the current century has seen it fade into relative obscurity. A possible reason why this technological age we're living in has felt so Soul-less. Yet it is a sound that still has talented stewards who keep it alive, and one such artist is SAI. 

Image: Twitter/saimusicc

The singer's latest release "Human Nature" is an exploration of human intimacy, introspection and nature. Wrapped in velvety melodies, the themes are brought to life over smooth production with emotive vocals. From the first listen I was instantly a fan.

While still only having a handful of releases, SAI is a vocal marvel. Chemically infusing the sounds of RnB, Soul, and Hip Hop into a new life form, she sings with a voice that enchants. Add to that the fact that she produces her own music and you can't help but see her as the complete package.

I think that it [Neo Soul] definitely derives from the music I’ve always grown up listening to. The artists that I first started appreciating, as I grew up in the UK, was a lot of UK artists and I love the versatility and broadness of that musical space. 

SAI is a product of musical influences that cross the globe. Beginning with UK music as she grew up, SAI then fell in love with Jazz, this was followed by an appreciation of international music and then finally Amapiano.

When I stayed in South Africa for a bit I got hooked on the music and fell in love with Amapiano and now I’ve been working on some things in that area. So I guess you can say my music can be Neo Soul but I think over time you’ll see how much I merge everything I’ve learnt into something that would be tricky to label me under a specific genre.

A part of the singer is drawn towards creating "high vibrational music", something currently evident in her music. "Feeling Low", "Groove" and "TwentyFine" all have a resonance that reaches the deepest depths of the soul.

I’ve been making my own music I’d say seriously since 2019 before that it’s just been a lot of music based things, choirs, learning instruments, vocal coaching things like that. [Producing my own music is] very hectic I’d say. I enjoy it nevertheless since I have so many creative outlets I do like to be heavily involved with what I create, I think it’s important at the start so now I have a clear understanding of what I want and the direction I want it to go in.

In addition to making music SAI is also an extremely active YouTuber and a writer.

You can checkout her YouTube channel below:

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