Guided Youth enters a new era with fresh logo

Guided Youth, a beacon of Zimbabwean youth fashion since its inception in August 2021, recently unveiled a sleek new logo as they seek to reenergize their brand. This comes as the streetwear approaches its third anniversary.

Born from the dreams of three visionaries, Guided Youth has consistently used fashion as a platform to address issues that resonate with the youth of Zimbabwe.

Guided Youth enters a new era with fresh logo
Guided Youth's old logo


Our journey began with a simple yet profound dream – to enlighten the youth, spark meaningful conversations, and make a tangible impact through the medium of fashion. With each collection, we have strived to inch closer to this dream, and as we have evolved, so has our beloved brand. Today, we are proud to introduce our new logo, a symbol that encapsulates our ethos while drawing inspiration from our original design. - Guided Youth

The core elements of their motto, "guided by our destiny", remain intact. Centred through the three main elements of their logo - the compass, the circular arrow, and the cross.

The compass signifies the inherent direction towards the achievement of dreams, guided by destiny. 

The circular arrow symbolizes the perpetual evolution of self and idea, embodying the cycle of inspiration. 

The cross, spelling out 'Guided Youth', represents the vibrant community the brand has built along the way, united by a shared purpose.

Guided Youth enters a new era with fresh logo
Guided Youth's new logo

With the dawn of our new identity, we are excited for what we will deliver to you in Autumn/Winter 2024 and beyond. If you have been part of our journey from the beginning, we invite you to join us in this new era of Guided Youth. If you are discovering Guided Youth for the first time, we encourage you to satisfy your curiosity by visiting our social media pages on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. - Guided Youth 

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