Prudence Chimutuwah celebrates Women's Month with "The Future is Her" solo exhibition at Nhaka Gallery

Prominent Zimbabwean female artist Prudence Chimutuwah will be celebrating this year's International Women’s Day and month, with a special solo exhibition at Nhaka Gallery in Harare. 

Titled "The Future is Her", the exhibition narrates, describes and informs the audience on the evolving world of 21st women in patriarchal societies. How they have experienced power, broke the gender odds and the challenges they have faced in the process. 

Artworks by Prudence Chimutuwah
Face Yebasa I by Prudence Chimutuwah

The opening night of the exhibition will be on International Women's Day, Friday the 8th of March 2024 at Nhaka Gallery. 

The exhibition aims to show the world the emergence of the 21st-century woman as she steps up to take charge in spaces seemingly dominated by males. It is curated with support from the Women’s Gallery and Afrikera Arts Trust.

"The Future is Her" will take visitors on an immersive journey into the rise of the 21st-century woman, through the lens of Chimutuwah's multi-media artworks. 

My works are inspired by the day to day life of women, their economic aspirations, desire for spirituality, need for attention and energy shows a clear ladder of the rise of the 21st century woman. This exhibition is calling for community engagement, in showing how the 21st century woman has broken the odds. - Prudence Chimutuwah

The exposition will also engage the public, to challenge stereotypes of women’s lives, rethink their needs and explore new ideas about women in power and leadership, especially considering the potential of accelerating in leadership positions. This narrative inspired the artworks that will be on display from the 8th of March until the third week of March 2024. The exhibition will be open for tours, available on request and a series of meet the artists.

Prudence Chimutuwah next to some of her artworks
Prudence Chimutuwah next to some of her artworks

Prudence Chimutuwah is a mixed media art and collage enthusiast who centres her creativity around the empowerment of African and Black women. Chimutuwah's artistic depictions of the female form offer a hopeful glimpse into a bright, woman-centric future. Her artworks have been displayed at exhibitions in the United Arab Emirates, France, Nigeria, South Africa, and the US among other countries. 


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