Holy Ten Drops Visuals for 'Very Tight'

It is fun to watch when Ten is debated among folk involved in the industry of opinions. On a chilled day, everyone is on their right senses and gives credit where it is due. However, several other days when the temperature outside gets more unfriendly. Nobody is willing to fight in the Holy Ten corner.

Holy Ten has released a new song and video titled Very Tight. He jumps on a tight trappy beat produced by MARIO while the visuals were chopped by BluModecai. 

Holy Ten Drops Visuals for 'Very Tight'

The video states that he is always with the bros as notable faces from Mula Nation could be identified. Holy seems to be a fan of these tight movements as he too is the CEO of a stable. The Samanyanga Sounds boss throws shots at groove DJs for their meek rotation. He includes his newly acquired fatherly responsibilities. The rest of the song maintains this pompous Holy Ten we have gotten used to. On the other hand, he extends some props to Stunner who has significantly been at the warfront of hip hop in the country.
What you can pick from the production is that his grip on the realm of hip-hop in Zimbabwe is firm. Holy Ten is that artist we can safely expect more from. The album Risky Life II might have reasonably performed above average given that he managed at least two chart-toppers, Banga and Ndotokuda.
The song Very Tight is interestingly delivered in English and it could be evidence if we are to proclaim relevance on the regional hip hop landscape. But he corrupting this charge with vernac means that the product is just a pilot experiment that still needs proper drafting before anyone rallies for it.
Watch the video for very tight using the link below and tell us what you think.

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