Nitefreak teams up with Laureano & Bambo Cissokho for "Asara"

Zimbabwean DJ/producer Nitefreak's latest release "Asara", is another tale of collaboration. Combining with the Spanish award winning producer Laureano and Senagalese singer Bambo Cissokho, the trio weave together melodies and rhythms that sound filled with ancestral wisdom. Asara is the embodiment of Afro-House.

Commencing with the strum of drums, Asara is a song with a fervent pace and a call to dance. Asara has a rhythmic pulse and steady tempo that make it perfect for Bambo Cissokho's vocals. The song title "Asara", means loss and it comes from the West African language Hausa. 

While the meaning of lyrics can only be imagined, Asara is primed to shine under the moonlight with a chance of being kissed by the sunrise. It is a rising cauldron of Dance Music bathed in Latin, Jazz and West African sounds.

Asara follows "Savior", which Nitefreak collaborated with MOLE and Coco, and the two tracks couldn't more different. Nitefreak's 2024 releases are a true display of the producer's versatility and there seems to be more to come from him.

Francis Mercier & Nitefreak
Image: Twitter/nitefreakdj

Nitefreak's breakout hit "Premier Gaou Nitefreak Remix", was recently certified GOLD in France and the DJ was named on's Class of 2024, marking him as one of the 10 musicians with a transformative skill set who are on the cusp of changing the fabric of Electronic Dance Music.

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