Nisha TS and Saintfloew Team Up for Kutsamwa Kune Labour

It keeps getting better with social trends inspired by the music scene. It could be luck or ability. What is certain is that if an artist can reproduce words on the street into melodies they can have the cake.

This is the case of the current wave of ‘kutsamwa kune labour’. The song by Nisha T featuring Saintfloew garners rapid traction to the extent one can rally behind it. The song has potential though one cannot determine how much further it will sustain the stiff terrain currently.

Nisha Ts, Saintfloew - Kutsamwa Kune Labour mp3 download

Also, pending discussion is about Saintfloew’s verse billed at $5000 – handitsamwe zvandonzwa nzeve dziine mastud. It is open to scrutiny but one cannot doubt the massive lift it gives the song outwardly. Nisha’s verse is easily more nuanced as she calls for fair business practice as a crucial ingredient in the food chain!

Watch the video below and share your views in the comment section. 

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