The Victoria Falls Four Nations Festival: An Electronic Dance Music experience for our festival calendar

The "Kazungula Quadripoint" (although not a true quadripoint) in southern Africa is where 4 countries meet. Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia come within a fingertip's breadth of each other. While intriguing for the sake of geography, the quadripoint paints borders as imaginary lines that we should never separate. 

Victoria Falls Four Nations Festival
The Victoria Falls
Image: Brittanica

We have shared cultures and identities that cut across the imposed lines that separate us. While not exactly articulated like that, it certainly feels like the vision behind the "Four Nations Festival", the latest addition to our festival calendar.

Set to run from the 26th to the 28th of April, the "Four Nations Festival" will take place on what we have come to know as the Victoria Falls Carnival weekend. Yet contrary to popular belief the "Four Nations Festival" is not a rebrand of the carnival but a new stand-alone festival. 

The [Four Nations] EDM festival is not a rebrand of any festival but stands alone as a new baby on the market, a new experience with a unifying and electric effect across the KAZA (Kavango-Zambezi) community with the Mighty Victoria Falls in the backdrop and the African stars above.

Organizers believe Electronic Dance Music is an untapped market with a lot of potential in the region. They're banking on EDM's global reach as a universal language that brings the world together and on paper their vision is sound. Ultra South Africa, which is the gold standard for electronic music festivals in southern Africa, peaked at an attendance of 50,000 across its 2 days. This would be the Four Nations Festival, which has only 3,000 one-day passes on sale, a no-brainer.

"Four Nations" is also not only a cool name but festival organizers hope to attract fans from that region (Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia) as the core attendants.

We aim at keeping the spirit of Ubuntu alive through music. Secondly Victoria Falls is a Tourist Destination and a major attraction. We aim to boost international and regional arrivals through music, promoting tourism through the arts.

J-Spliff from Denmark

The lineup is not complete yet but so far the "Four Nations Festival" has announced DJ Aligator from Denmark, J-Spliff from Denmark, Grammy nominee Oceans from the UK, Toshi from SA, Nizhe De Soul, Kimble Rogers & Low End from Zimbabwe and they say they have many more to be announced. 

Four Nations Festival is set to bring to life an electric, colour and vibrant experience with global appeal, under the African skies.

We have several festivals under our belt over the years which would not want to mention as they are not the main focus at the moment.

Tickets are currently on sale online, with One Day Tickets going for $49, Two Day Tickets going for $89, and Three Day Tickets going for $129.

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