In My Head: A story of love as told by TC Mcandy & Ti Gonzi

In My Head. The concept of an infatuation so strong it overwhelms your every thought. This is a concept common to almost everyone who has been in love. Yet bringing it to life in music is always difficult, especially because we all experience love differently. TC Mcandy is the latest artist to take on the task of expressing the phenomenon and dare I say it, he makes me feel like we had the exact same experience sometime in 2019.

In My Head is a love song that is easy on the ear. TC Mcandy executes the vocals just right and paired with his catchy lyricism, it gives the song an infectious rhythm. Produced by Gangster Madeit, Mcandy describes the track's instrumental as the perfect foundation for his creative process.

When I listen to a beat, I immerse myself in it until it tells me what it was made for. So pretty much, I got the beat and started listening not only to the beat but also to the lyrics it was sending to my head and what I heard was "In My Head". Fortunate enough there was a girl in my life that could act as a wallpaper for the melodies in my head and that fuelled the inspiration as well. - TC Mcandy 

Featured on the track is Ti Gonzi and the Zim Hip Hop veteran executes his task as expected. He delivers a punchline heavy verse, that offsets the soft vocals and gives the song a much needed balance. Mcandy expressed high praise for Ti Gonzi as a collaborator, describing him as humble and an incredible talent.

One of the main things that make Ti Gonzi stand out for me is that for a NAMA winning artist he invests so much time and energy into every project he jumps on. Not only does he perform his bit of the song, but he also gives you solid mentorship, and in the game proper information is key and for someone of that much experience to present it to a "newcomer" as it were is really generous of him. - TC Mcandy 

While TC Mcandy has been making music for a while, "In My Head" feels like the breakout moment he has been waiting for. It's his 4th release but already it's his most successful single yet.

[Breaking into the music industry has been] quite challenging, as are all worthwhile things in life. I'd say it's expensive, mainly because when you start off you don't know your way around. It's like you're stuck in a maze where you have to learn really fast because like everything else there are systems to be learnt and indeed penetrated, and even informal education comes at a fee. I am amazed by the amount of lessons I have taken from my journey and those of others so far... In the age of social media, there's a huge opportunity to distribute music to millions of people and you never know who will identify your talent. - TC Mcandy 

In My Head was released with crisp visuals from Pikichayedu, you can watch the video below:

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