Voltz JT and Bagga Drop 'Mpira' – A New Anthem Against Social Ills in Zimbabwe

Voltz JT has released an anticipated collaboration with Bagga titled Mpira. The song has been released together with the visuals.
Exciting is the year ahead for Zimbabwean hip hop. there is no doubt about the value carried in collaborative efforts, especially in contemporary genres of local music. Unlike traditional music genres in the country where artists thrived whilst solo, the digital economy is resourceful when it comes to traction because these artists will be having a pulling power of their own.

Voltz JT and Bagga Drop 'Mpira'

Voltz JT has been celebrated for his consistent efforts in addressing social issues. His recent tracks like Mkoma Brian speak against spiraling suicide cases among young men. In Mpira he voices against the use of drugs specifically crystal meth/dombo. He raps ‘mukudhakwa neyi aya haasi mabeer’. The youths in Zimbabwe are reportedly succumbing to problematic drug use. Voltz JT brings vows to continue preaching against such ills.

Bagga’s hook anchors the vibe of the song. He begins by emphasizing the importance of teamwork with a Shona idiom ‘chara chimwe hachitswanyi inda’. the colloquial ‘Mpira’ is ghetto lingo that can be loosely translated to the game, in whichever form that is derived from the literal sporting activities.

Watch the new video for Mpira and share with us what you think in the comment section below

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