A Conversation with TheLastLetter: The gifted singer offering a window into her mind with 'The Pink Room' EP

A singer, a songwriter, a rapper and a wordsmith. TheLastLetter is a creative at heart, who expresses herself best through music. Instantly identifiable through her emotion-filled ballads that cut across genres, TheLastLetter has always felt the calling of music. 

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, the singer has been creating refreshing audio experiences that centre around wellness and the power of the mind. TheLastLetter seeks to promote positivity, happiness and self-love within her music, and she has the motto "Stay Pink!", meaning stay positive.

Without any idea of how she would get it done, Z always knew she would become a singer, and judging by her recent feature in Africa's No.1 Hip Hop publication Hype Magazine, she's found herself on the right path. To add to that the singer was also featured on Zazise Media's debut Hip Hop project Storytellers of the Culture, and she delivered a standout performance on what was arguably the album of the year.

A Conversation with TheLastLetter
Shot by Backyard Studios ZA

As the singer tells it her main inspiration comes from Christian Music, with a select few circular artists like Banks, Ellie Goulding, Tyler the Creator, Claudia Isati, and RayKaz adding to that. A journey that began with writing has culminated in TheLastLetter's debut EP, a life's work yet only the beginning.

The Pink Room EP is TheLastLetter's leap of faith, and it certainly doesn't disappoint. In fact, it's far from it. Renowned South African Hip Hop scribe IllyTheHost described it as a project with "beautiful melodies and lyrics that will stand the test of time if you pay attention to them."


Shot by Backyard Studios ZA

We caught up with the talented singer to talk about her career, debut project, pursuing music as an independent artist and more:

How did TheLastLetter come to exist?

TheLastLetter: I have always had that thought in my head, from as early as I could formulate thoughts about who I wanted to be. So I didn't know what my name was going to be and all the nitty gritty details, but in high school, I started writing poetry and that is how the name TheLastLetter came about because I wanted something to sign off each poem with. 

As a person who dabbles in playing with words, the last letter of the alphabet is Z and that's the first letter in my name. The poems themselves were pretty depressing, but I'm better now, I've found some healing.

Why the colour pink, how did that association come to be?

TheLastLetter: So pink has always been my favourite colour, and now as I was breaking into the industry, setting a plan for who TheLastLetter is, I was like what can make me a memorable brand in this very crucial beginning stage of an artist. So I thought let me just run with the pink thing.

So what is behind the EP title "The Pink Room"?

TheLastLetter: Well my bedroom has a lot of pink in it and I spend a lot of time in there. I also spent a lot of time in there writing the music. So since my room is pink, I just wanted to keep the title simple. I'm inviting you guys into my space, the Pink Room. My room is the physical representation of my mind.

What is the biggest inspiration behind the music?

TheLastLetter: To be honest most of the songs are like generalized expressions of my feelings. Feelings that have happened and I know have happened. I was never like "Oh this is happening, let me write a song about it". I was just like these things happen, let me write songs about them.

What's the one track you would suggest on the EP for someone who's never listened to you and why? 

TheLastLetter: Sad. It's my favourite song and I feel like in terms of the genre, delivery, lyrics, and everything I did my best, and it was my comfort zone but not comfort zone like I played it safe but it was like this is the one thing I'm good at, which is Contemporary RnB or sing rapping.

Why didn't you give us more rap songs on the project?

TheLastLetter: At the time when I was recording the project, I really just wanted to showcase all of my talents, so that I could see the response of people before I started focusing on other things. "Work it Out" was supposed to be on the project but I was advised by many people not to put it on the EP. I had all the verses on it before Zazise Media approached asking for a song for their Storytellers of the Culture project.

How does your family feel about you pursuing music?

TheLastLetter: My family is quite supportive, as supportive as they can be without this being a money-making venture yet. When I did my project launch my parents were there, they helped me with my music videos and stuff like that. They're very active in my music career when they can and when I really need help.


Shot by Backyard Studios ZA

How is it being an independent artist with the burden of managing everything on their own?

TheLastLetter: It's interesting, it's fun but also there's only so much of everything that only one person can do. When I had the idea of becoming a musician I was just thinking about being a musician, but now in the year 2024 you have to be a social media personality, a social media manager, a content creator, a TikToker, a YouTuber, you literally have to be all these different things and I'm struggling to adapt. However, it's a learning experience and it's pushing me.

What do you hope people take away from your music?

TheLastLetter: I really hope people can take away the feeling of having their feelings vocalized. I strongly believe that words have power and that what you recite will manifest in your life. So singing lyrics is actually active thinking and I want the thoughts driven by my music to inspire something positive.

What do you see in the future for TheLastLetter? What plans do you have?

TheLastLetter: The future of TheLastLetter is God's will in my life. You know there's that saying that many are the plans in a man's heart but God has the final say. 

However, my plans are to start working on my album. The music I'll be recording from now on will be options for my album or my next EP. I really wanted a remix EP where all the songs have a feature but I'm struggling to secure those features.

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