How Far? - Tina Masawi's embrace for those who travel to find a better life

While being branded creators and being expected to entertain as their mainstay, singers, songwriters, filmmakers, photographers, writers and creatives of all other forms, have long been the custodians of our culture and lived experiences. Storytellers with a reach that goes beyond long established media organisations and trusted heralds of the truth, with the power to shift conversations. 

Tina Masawi

In that breadth of shifting social representations, Tina Masawi's latest release is a seismic art piece. The Zimbabwean singer brings to the forefront the meaning of the word “refugee” in social discourse, focusing on the needs and not on the explanations.

"How Far" is not only a question for those who have hate in their hearts but an embrace for those who have suffered on the journey of forced migration. At the core of the song is a message of hope to the soul of the refugee. This is added to by the music video which paints an image that is vulnerable but not fragile, a reminder of refugees arrive at a place in a helpless situation, focusing the listener on their needs and not on explanations. 

Produced by Reverb7, "How Far" has everything we've come to know and love from Tina Masawi's catalogue. It is RnB nuanced with Afrobeats, Afro-pop and Amapiano, a blend of sound she truly makes with her euphonious vocals.

The single is part of the artist's new musical path. A dive into herself as she seeks to emerge more honest and transparent through 4 roots-filled releases. "Right Here" alongside Vitu Valera was the first track from that journey, "How Far" is second and they're two more new releases set to come.

"How Far" premiered with the video-documentary by director Giovanni Ruggeri, where he tells the life story of refugees who have gone through political persecution, wars, and hunger that influences them to make the decision to relocate. The director of photography Eucaris Conte unifies with the director to show that the silhouette is a person capable of moving forward. 

Tina takes a revealing role in the performance, coupled with the director's concept of refugees, it perfectly captures the feeling of never reaching your destiny. The song sends a very clear message: "How far are we going to go by maintaining hatred?" It is not about creating a single meaning, but about embracing all people of the meaning and to develop the same possibilities.

You can checkout the video for "How Far" below:

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