TAPIWA collaborates with Ara for "Within Me" - A sonic crotchet of Dance Music rhythms

Rumoured to have said the words "Oontz oontz" before he could even crawl, Zimbabwean DJ/producer TAPIWA made his debut in 2022 with the single "you're like a dream", alongside Warner Case. The track received support from Bob Sinclar, Martin Garrix, Michael Calfan, TCTS, and Matroda among others, and it marked him as an artist to watch. "you're like a dream" quickly hit the 100,000 streams mark on Spotify and what was a hobby for the producer started calling out to be recognised as a destined profession.

TAPIWA's carnival pumped second release, "Dancehall", came in March of 2023 and received plays from BBC Radio 1Xtra, NTS, Triple J, and KISS, further solidifying his place on Zimbabwe's Electronic Music scene. Now fresh from his debut at AfroBeyond, Harare's prime Afro House event, the DJ has released his latest single, "Within Me".


The single is a collaboration with the gifted British singer Ara. A vocal talent likened to a mix London Grammar and Lana Del Rey, who brings ethereal, yet a touch soulful vocals that elevate the collaboration. 

"Within Me" has the textures of Techno, House and Rave, all wrapped into one. It is an interlaced fabric of Electronic Music that inspires visions of euphoric dancefloor scenes with hands raised to the heavens. The track is nostalgic in its influences but it contains music elements very much connected to the present moment. While there's a simplicity in its lyricism, the track is far more complex in the emotions it carries. 

Officially tracklisted multiple times on Apple Music and Spotify, including a placement on Spotify's "mint South Africa" playlist, "Within Me" feels like TAPIWA's biggest release yet. It is a dancedloor-ready sound, perfectly engineered for Electronic Music fans, and it just might be my favourite release from his growing catalogue.


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