'That Will Suffice' - A Musical Journey by AneUnhu

This coming Friday the 24th of May, renowned interdisciplinary artist, creative entrepreneur, and cultural catalyst AneUnhu is set to unveil his highly anticipated debut full-length music project, "That Will Suffice". 

With a distinguished portfolio of award-winning work in theatre and film, AneUnhu now ventures into the realm of music, marking his debut with an enthralling narrative that transcends time and genre.

AneUnhu Gwatidzo
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Following the poignant tribute single, "In This Lifetime", dedicated to a dear departed friend, AneUnhu digs deeper into his musical bag with "That Will Suffice". Drawing inspiration from cross-generational nostalgia and eclectic musical influences, this collection embarks on a transformative journey, which is simply told through starting in one place and arriving at another.

AneUnhu's multifaceted background enriches the album's narrative, weaving together elements of storytelling, songwriting, and production. His innate ability to evoke emotion through melody and lyrics creates an immersive experience for listeners, inviting them to reflect on their own personal journeys.

"That Will Suffice" serves as an ode to his Hip-Hop influences and testament to AneUnhu's versatility and widespread artistic endeavours. From soulful ballads to vibrant anthems, each track showcases his passion which has already resonated with audiences across diverse musical landscapes.

Notable credits in AneUnhu's creative work thus far include writing and directing the three time NAMA nominated musical theatre comedy, Heartbreak Mafia, Tamy Moyo's breakout single, Kwandinobva, a cross generational collaboration between Jah Signal and Nicholas Zakaria called Shungurudza.

As AneUnhu ventures into a new territory for himself, with his inaugural musical offering, "That Will Suffice" which promises to captivate, inspire, and leave an indelible mark on any listeners he manages to connect with.

The project is set to debut in a live performance presented by Santu Guild at Moto Republik as part of their Under The Dome series on Friday 24 May 2024. The showcase will be an early evening recital from 17:30 to 20:00. Featured on the programme are Chengeto Brown, Min’enhle Mguni, Ben Nhekairo, Malachi Basic and the evening's MC, SoProfound.

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