Never on schedule but always on time: The "Drissy" Effect

This MC is so ready to drop his new Mixtape, got his Grammy Awards outfit and speech all ready! If you are part of the Zimbabwean community on twitter popularly known as the Twimbos™ then you already know "Mr Right Now" of local Hip Hop. Drissy Parker has drawn so much attention for himself on twitter that Greedysouth could not ignore. He is a Tending Topic and right now he is busy kicking ass and taking names. He is our Zim Hip Hop freshman for 2011, Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you Drissy Parker aka Drissy Lamina.

Born 22 years ago and currently doing his Masters at Queen Mary University of London, Drissy Parker is a Hip Hop MC based in the United Kingdom, hailing from the greedy streets of Harare, Zimbabwe. The rap alias "Drissy" is derived from Idris his first name and was a nickname he got in high school. " "Parker" is my love for spiderman and Peter Parker; I feel I have a spider/ superhuman flow, acrobatic, energetic, amazing but in the end I'm just a normal guy!" explains Idris.

All hip hop fans should mark 31 March 2011 on their calendars because on this day last day of March, the long awaited Drissy Parker #NeverOnSchedule mixtape drops! To hype the event the M.C said this and I quote "We got avatars, fliers out right now advertising the release. There is quite a mad buzz! The movement is building up and I'm humbled but ready to deliver."

On the boards is a Zambian, South Africa based super producer "Two Seats" who is not only a passenger but also in the cockpit as co Executive Producer giving the whole project that raw hip hop feel. On features is Tehn Diamond, Jack Pott and That Kinda Party. Other producers includes Tags, That Kinda Party and Iceberg The Imperial.

When asked who inspires his art the Harare born, London bred MC had this to say, "I'm inspired by things I go through. I've experienced many things and still do and I write about them. I'm not a gangsta so I don't write about shooting up and selling dope, however I do go to the club and have a good time, I do love brands and buy them, I love women and what they offer, I experience heartbreaks, I feel sad, I lose my temper, I feel happy, I feel inspired.. whatever the moment is, I capture it with my lyrics, everything is genuine and true."

To connect with Drissy, follow him on twitter via, add his facebook page and check him out on Also be on the look out for the official website in the not too distant future. People who hit up the facebook page can get a "THIS IS DRISSY PARKER" avatar in their favourite colour and join the movement that is NEVER ON SCHEDULE!

Mungwadzi Godwin

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