Ruffcuts Wear's Marco Machona Breaks Bread with Fellow African Promoters

In a statement issued via the popular social network Facebook, The Zimbabwean South Africa based C.E.O of Ruffcuts Wear claims to have received a memo that KOOL & THE GANG are touring South Africa. According to him they will be in Durban on the 19th of March, 20th (Joburg), 21st (Cape Town) & 24th (Morocco). The gospel this fellow was preaching to African promoters is If you think its good business in your City or Country contact Ruffcuts so that they add your gig. Marco Machona explained that this was an easier and cheaper way of promoting. "Ruffcuts is internationally recognized, so we get the first OFFER and we can share it." said the Ruffcuts boss.

He further explained that 80% of International Artists coming to Africa been loses to Promoters because they fail to share information about these GIGS, hence pay triple the appearance fees. The power and money is in networking and consulting.

Even in SA, individual promoters have sunk coz they get too excited. What's ideal is to pay International Artists what they receive in their Countries....nothing more.

"You have promoters and then fly-by hustlers who mess- up the industry. African Dudes just offer crazy money and that becomes "standard" but not sustainable in future. Why pay someone without a band 250K in Zim??? Beats my mind!!! I would do 5 great shows with that cash." Says Marco Machona.
Mungwadzi Godwin

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