Terry Gunz' Zimbabwe Achiever Award Nomination

Terrie 'Gunz' Mahati got to the limelight through his world famous clothing label Kunta Kinte conscious clothing which he started in 1995. He is also famous among Zimbabwean Hip Hop heads and fans for his street brand "Harare Hustler" which has been described as a brand for the people, the zim hip crowd, who like to have that street swagger but represent their hood. Terrie Gunz' T shirts have been worn by the USA group Jagged Edge IN 2008 at their United Kingdom gig and are a favourite to a lot of West African and Jamaicans. I seen some biting ass South African designers copying his style by designing Tees with 'Jorbug Hustler' etc but Terrie is the Blueprint (Takes off hat and salutes)

The 40 year old Zimbabwean born apparel/graphics designer Terrie 'Gunz' Mahati received a Zimbabwe Achiever Award Nomination under the fashion designer category for an event that will... [[DANCEHALL SUPERSTAR MR VEGAS (RIGHT) ROCKING ONE OF TERRIE GUNZ DESIGNS, MOVADO AND MORE AFTER THIS JUMP -> -> be held later on during 2011. Vote for Mr Mahati Here http://www.mafaro.com/awards/vote1.php
Mungwadzi Godwin

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