Winky D leads the pack at the 2011 NAMA Awards Nominations

“The slow and laborious task of convincing those on the other side of the social divide to acknowledge our presence could have been even more painful if it wasn’t for the help of a lot of people I share the vision of a positively ghetto accommodative society with. The grandest acknowledgement however must be reserved for all the special people, the poor people, whose cause I will continue to be devoted to positively."

The above statement was spoken by Winky D immediately after news of his 3 NAMA nominations was announced. This nomination should be attributed to his artistic resolve to be the stranger to a world dominated by popular culture which he felt was not perspicacious in light of the experiences of the poor people. His well-deserved meteoric rise to the artiste he is today should be mainly viewed in respect of his ability to unveil the deepest poor people's mysteries and firm resolve to state the truth regardless of the consequences.

Winky D leads the pack at the 2011 NAMA Awards Nominations

His most famous concept Maninja encourages ghetto youths and poor people to live beyond the thinkable to defy the poor normative societal standards they are always associated with. Winky D’s nominations are a welcome and important addition to the growing acceptance and acknowledgement of poor people’s struggles in everyday life. Winky D has over the years carved out a system of perception and a practical way of life that authoritatively calls on society to a groping and evasiveness aligned to culminate in honesty, dedication, sincerity and morality with an inherent sense of purpose. His music can identify with aptness the different poverty dimensions, indicators and manifestations and a clear-cut vision of redress through commitment and this musters in the enthusiastic support of those who know the harsh realities of poverty in the ghetto. It encapsulates a redemptive ethic as a viable aid to relief from suffering and is a credible source of energy for functional existence.

His fast-paced ghetto lingua rhymes are a result of a complicated process of the ghetto people to adjust, reflect, reminisce and be innovative in light of their low social standing and were derived for communicative convenience that faithfully reflects the true specificities of ghetto living and the perception of self, life and the society, and also forge means of true expression of their vision to achieve beyond any can fathom to uplift their lives. The compelling potent power of expression through poverty-biting and poverty-protesting lyrics is imbued with irresistible legitimacy and authority which to most people is self-assertion vital to the meaningful struggle for the elevation of social standards of the ghetto people and a gateway out of suffering and ignominy. His lyrics have become a social imperative in times of stress and mental turmoil amongst many and provide unending consolation and restoration of confidence in the downtrodden.

The Bigman’s nominations for Best Musician, Best Song and Best Album are critical paths on the journey of the poor people to the emancipation of their societal standards in defiance of any idea mystifying their existence, determination, integrity and virtue. Winky D is the most nominated musician further to him being the youngest of them all.

Mungwadzi Godwin

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