Dj Naida makes a radio debut

"The biggest challenge I face is my gender. It’s hard for people to take me seriously as a chick and on top of that people think it’s easier to take advantage of a female artist. Artists are not getting their dues in Zim and its much worse for female artists and that needs to change." Dj Naida said this in a past interview with Greedysouth. She has always been on her grind and recently inked a show with a popular Zimbabwean online radio station ZIMONLINE RADIO with studios in USA, UK and SA. "Ok so tonight is my debut on internet radio! Wow its gonna be interesting. Please do log on to btwn 6pm and 8pm and catch me LIVE! Legooooo!" she said in a statement. Dj Naida started Djing at university in Port Elizabeth South Africa and was on the first bus to Zimbabwe with it after graduation. She mainly plays Hip Hop, Dancehall and House on her set.
Godwin Mungwadzi

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