Dj Naida thinks "Big"

Zimbabwe's multi talented female Mc Dj Naida is ready to cross one more thing off her "Things to do before I die list" and plans to participate in MNet's reality show "Big Brother" which kicks off sometime later this year. The show is slowly turning Africans into "thousanaires" one individual at a time but Nigeria first lol. Maybe she is the chosen one to bring US $200 000 to Zimbabwe this time in a reality series that grabbed everyone but my attention (even the President) She has admitted thinking about it "So im thinkin of doing big brother this year... Just for the fun of it! It could be quite fun!" said the female rapper/ dj. Don't get your hopes high yet, she still thinking about it but given the chance she would really go for it. "Nah im not in but I wanna enter." she said, "Maybe I wont even make it." Who knows Missy, like Diddy said you cease to live when you cease to dream so dream on. And to everyone else you only get one bar "Spread your wings and follow your dreams" this year!
Mungwadzi Godwin

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