Reality of Zimbabweans living in the United Kingdom: This is London Promo

This is London brings to life the reality of not just the story of Zimbabweans living in the United Kingdom, but of the most practical and effective medium of telling it. Certainly the most ambitious motion picture project by Zimbabweans abroad to date. This is London will be a soap revolving around the relocation of an estimated 100 000 Zimbabweans to the United Kingdom; all which is known back home in popular parlance as London, following the deterioration of political and consequent socio-economic conditions at the turn of the century. This is London will simultaneously offer both escapism from that grim reality and document, analyse and celebrate the story of Zimbabwe in the United Kingdom. Tales of culture shock, ambition, failure, resilience, loss and triumph. All this and much more.

For the pilot episodes, the following story-lines have been developed.

Torai is beginning to see it all fall apart after two years of hard work. His siblings back home continue to call him for money, and it seems as if they are no where near completing the house they are supposed to be building. His wife, Patience, picks the perfect opportunity to leave him for a life of pleasure. His immigration status is in limbo, which threatens whatever chances he has of getting out of the mess he is in now.
Mungwadzi Godwin

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