Mai Huni's reply: Return of the "King"

Hardcore shona lyricist King Shaddy is back R. Kelly "trapped in the closet" style with Mai Huni's "reply" to what has turned out to be a mini series in the never ending adventures of Tapiwa Kapini. The King has probably outshone the talent and creativity he displayed in his last hit "Letter to Mai Huni." The reply is set with a catchy beat and attention seeking lyrics as he tries to tell his the story and be funny at the same time. The song is based on the studio 263 charecter Mai Huni and the famous Zimbabwean soccer national squad goalie Tapiwa Kapini. King shady also stepped his internet game up by introducing a website which he refered traffic to but unfortunately link was still not working at the time of published this post.
Godwin Mungwadzi

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