HIFA 2011: Bvunza wanenge wariko kuHIFA Winky D, Mic Inity, Black Bird, Dj Rax & Raydizz, Cde Fatso and more!

"Ndakaona maVeti, maChina, nemaIndia vachiimba musarova Bigiman" better believe that! If not then 
 make sure you will be at HIFA 2011 to see it for yourself and not just wait to hear it on a Winky D song next year :)

Winky D, King Inity, Cde Fatso, Djs Rax and Raydizz amoung others will be a part of this joyful, action packed carnival extravaganza that remains Zimbabwe’s most positive, most life and art affirming annual event.  HIFA has survived many challenges and forged ahead, proudly demonstrating the best facets of what makes a Zimbabwean a Zimbabwean - industrious, fun-loving, humorous, serious, generous, welcoming, hospitable, and above all, always ready and able to engage their creative minds in “making a plan”, find their way around obstacles and challenges, and PARTY!

Every year HIFA comes up with a new theme.  Its aim is to inspire, intrigue, trigger creativity and discussion.  HIFA 2011's theme, The Engagement Party, exhorts all Zimbabweans and visiting Festival goers and artists to engage themselves fully, in art, culture, and life.  Like each of HIFA's themes over its eleven years to date, 'The Engagement Party' theme can be interpreted on various different levels and in different ways, depending upon how it strikes each individual, whether metaphorical, symbolic, or on a surface level

Winky D: Coca-Cola Day, Saturday 30 April, 12.30-1.30 pm, $12, Telecel Main Stage

Comrade Fatso and Chabvondoka: Stripped - The Acoustic Set, Lion Lager Day, Friday 29 April, 7-8 pm, $8, Lays Global Stage

Stripped bare. Intimate.  Rhythmic. Sarcastic. Real. Comrade Fatso and his star-studded ensemble will leave you shocked, awed and asking for more with their acoustic set. This is a whole new side of Zimbabwe’s leading protest band as they peel away their usual rip-roaring, electric set to show you a softer, more intimate side with an all acoustic set featuring special guests. Comrade Fatso & Chabvondoka are an explosive, genre-busting, insurgent band that defy musical boxes and modern day apolitical pop music. Continuing their upward spiral they performed at one of Europe's biggest and most prestigious festivals, Exit Festival in July 2010 and their music was included on Discograph's 'Africa 50 Years Of Music', a compilation CD of the best African music from the last 50 years.  The band includes Tendai Manatsa, Josh Meck, Freedom Manatsa, Tina and Clive Manhenga.

Mic Inity: Coca-Cola Day, Saturday 30 April, 10.15 - 11.15 pm, $10, 7Arts Theatre
This youthful musician has caused quite a sensation in local reggae circles.  Pulling a big crowd at his mid-week shows at the Mannenberg is testimony to this.  Possessing both charm and the voice, Mic Inity (short for Microphone Unity) knows how to sing.  "I play conscious music, lovers' music and dancehall all in one.  I love music and I feel blessed that I have a strong voice that educates and entertains at the same time".
Born in Marondera in 1983, Mic Inity (aka Mike Madamombe) developed his love for reggae music as he grew up.  His father, an ardent follower of reggae, used to play songs by Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.  As a youth he had a dream of making it big time as a musician.
Leaving Marondera for Harare, he began as a singer for Transit Crew, later starting his own group.  He has built a strong following since, at venues like The Mannenberg, Jazz 105 and M60.

Also featured Free on Coca-Cola Green stage will be

Black Bird: Lion Lager Day, Friday 29 April, 11.30 am - 12.30 pm

Djs Ray Dizz and Rax: Coca-Cola Day, 30 April, Midnight - 1.30 am

Prince Edward School Pop Band: CABS Day, Wednesday 27 April 12.15 -1.15 pm

Jason le Roux: CABS Day, 27 April, 10.15 - Midnight

For full program and more info holla at them HIFA dudes:

Website: www.hifa.co.zw
Press liaison and accreditation: media@hifa.co.zw - Tafadzwa Simba 0772 703 965
Communications:  hifapress@wildimaginings.net - Rosie Mitchell 0772 212 730
Other enquiries: info@hifa.co.zw  Tel 300119, 300977, 300984

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