"Stop the hate, lets build"

Nigerian musicians like P Square, 2 Face and Naeto C sell more than 5 million CDs in Nigeria alone and in Zimbabwe you need fasting, prayers and lots of luck to hand out 500 CDs for FREE!
Musicians have reacted before and in most cases charged it to piracy. Artists like Winky D have received their fair share of hate on the highway to the top and Winky is one of the very few that declared victory over hating with bars like "Mumunda mangu ini manaya, gore rino maguta handitombo kanga waya, wari mhiri ticha flyer, Mbiri kunge Tuku kana mukoma razor waya." We have artists hating on other artists, fans hating on artists and fans hating on the local music scene. How are we supposed to build our own street culture without local music?

Zimbabwe's Dance-hall ambassador Mr Buffalo Soulja addressed the issue recently and know this, whenever the wise man speak, Greedysouth listens and i quote,

My Zim people lets stop the hate within ourself and start supporting each other. Lets not ride on each other's hustle. Take a look at the Nigerians. Thats why they have taken over √Āfrica repin the country in your own country. Munyas movie is out Lobola go buy and support! Queen Vees video is out, leave posetive comments.
Mungwadzi Godwin

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