Both Sides to the Winky Vs Sniper Storm story: Who is bigger? + Some exclusive footage of what really happened that one Friday night. [Poll Inside]

“Mupfana uyu amisa vanhu vese. Ikozvino Mavado akamira backstage for more than 30 minutes, get off the stage now, I’m the general here,” 
Said Sniper after grabbing the mic off Winky D's hands. Apparently reports said not only Sniper storm was pissed off, Mavado’s manager as well. 

Sniper's actions caused a rage as the crowd threw all sorts of stuff on the stage, it also caused heated debates all over the internet and street corners across Zimbabwe. Fellow musicians have reacted for example Nox in a statement said, "Big up Sniper Storm De General for a grreat performance at Aquatic Complex alongside Mavado SNIPER is ONE of the most talented and experienced dancehall artists. he started the urban grooves movement with the likes of Delani, David Chifunyise, Willom Tight Potato in the late 90s. Lest we forget the pioneers of this genre we call Urban Grooves today".

Dj Garry B also took some time to explain what really happened that night and whether Sniper was to blame, in a statement distancing himself from the situation, the DJ said, "... those 30 min MAVADO was waiting back stage to go on stage apa snier haasati awanawo mukana wekuenda on stage. Efforts werE made and please note not by me or templeman but by the organising people of the show to get the "BIGMAN' off stage to make way for a ten min perfomance by sniper but failed...thats when SNIPER decided to take matters into his own hands to go on stage and snatch dat mic. Thats what happened in my eyes back stage so please whatever your comments,Dont involve me or my crew."

 However, Winky D's hypeman, producer and brother, Layaan had this to say "Seh weh u feel fi seh,wi r seh weh wi feel fi seh,riffle shot r spin lyk......ninjaz 2 da flippin world...thanx 4 di support maninja"

Who do you think staged a better perfomance at the Mavado Show
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