Run263 2013 Fall/Winter Collection + #RUN263Cypher Trailer

Citing the cultural links between hip hop and fashion, the highly anticipated #RUN263Cypher Theme Track is finally here. Presented by Neo Media, the one minute trailer showcases Stash, MyKol Riley and Arcane performing on a platform wearing the Run263 brand. QMCV Apparel unveils a look at its Fall/Winter 2013 collection in the video, continuing its tradition of layering-heavy pieces and seeming to draw inspiration from the Hip Hop Legends RUN DMC and Jam Master Jay. QMCV Apparel promises a range of sweaters, jackets, trousers, and casual shirts for the upcoming seasons but in the mean time enjoy a look at the very clean cypher and Fall/Winter 2013 collection here, arriving both in male and female cuts to usher in the new season in style! Support local and order your gear here.

Godwin Mungwadzi

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