Kickin' It With Kim Jayde Episode 4 Review

This week's guest was Jason Goliath on Kickin' It with Kim Jayde. Jason Goliath is an actor, comedian, radio personality, TV presenter and businessman. He is known for making audiences laugh no matter what role he is in. He has performed at leading comedic shows like Blacks Only, Kings and Queens of Comedy, the Johannesburg International Comedy Festival, the Comedy Central International Comedy Festival and the Montreux Comedy Festival in Switzerland. He won the Best Newcomer award in 2012 and in 2013, 2014 and 2015 won the Breakthrough Act at the Comics Choice Awards. 

Kickin' it with Kim Jayde Episode 4 Review

He is currently on radio as a co-host of the breakfast show on Kaya FM. Jason also teamed up with three other Goliath comedians and together the comedic quattro launched their own company Goliath and Goliath, which also saw them open their own comedy club. He is a serious sneaker lover, so much so that even at his wedding he was wearing sneakers. He and his wife Sian Bailey were decked out in matching t-shirts and Air Jordans for their vows.

Kickin' It With Kim Jayde Episode 4 Review

During the show, Jason noted that you can't be a serious sneakerhead without owning a pair of chucks (Converse chuck taylors) and we have to agree. Converse style sneakers are almost like a right of passage especially in anyone's youth. This shoe and its style have a rich history in Africa. It's not so comfortable for long use because of how it makes that small toe suffer but it has an adaptable style to all sorts of tastes in fashion.

The question of the episode was "Why do people like us (People of colour) spend money on designer brands?". It was speaking on especially the spending habits of people with new money as compared to those with established wealth. Jason said that when you make it you want to buy everything you grew up unable to afford. Often the benefits of generational wealth grow up with brands and luxury cars being the norm so their spending habits are altered. If you grew up poor then when you're older and you make it that is your first chance to spend on designer brands and other related accessories.

Jason Goliath is one of those sneakerheads who prioritize comfort over design or outlook. In his collection, he prefers the Air Jordan 6s over the Air Jordan 1s. His collection features almost exclusively Air Jordans and it's hard to argue with it because of the great comfort Air Jordans offer. Among the various pairs of Jordans Jason owns there's also a pair of limited edition kicks, one of the few that carry both the Nike and Jordan logo.

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Catch up with episode 4 of Kickin' It with Kim Jayde here:

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