Kim Jayde Reveals Inappropriate DMs She Received In A 24 Hour Period For "Face Your Facade" Campaign

Kim Jayde recently put into the public a selection of inappropriate messages she received over the course of one day as she collaborated with ASA Magazine under the #FaceYourFacade campaign. The campaign aims to fight cyberbullying and also shine a light on mental health. The messages Kim received included "Talentless", "Grow a thicker skin", "Your pussy please", "You fucked your way to the top" and "I fuck you" all within a single 24-hour period.

Kim Jayde

In a statement included in the post, Kim Jayde wrote:

Every statement printed in this newspaper is a direct message or a comment I received on Instagram in a 24 hour time frame. When I decided to chase my dream, I never imagined it would be met with so much cruelty from total strangers via social media. It's called "Cyberbullying". I've come to learn (partly through seeking professional help) that "Hurt people - Hurt people!" And the words and actions of others are not my responsibility or burden to take

Kim had to put the lessons she described into practice as not long after sharing the campaign someone had replied to a story referencing the campaign with the message, "Damn that pussy looks amazing, f*** the haters,' babe". The campaign serves as a reminder of the human behind the celebrity, it also shows the multiplied negativity that comes with being famous. In those DMs Kim Jayde, it was an eye opener into the fact that although she's had an amazing 2021 she's still a beacon for so much hate on social media.

Kim hasn't been shy about sharing the struggles she's overcome during her journey. Early this year she revealed how she once had the perception that thin was equal to beautiful and over the years she had to unlearn that.

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