Apple Officially Embraces Zim-dancehall As 'Freeman & Friends' Receives Official Promo Pack, Remains No. 1 Album in Zimbabwe For The Past 7 Days

Image credit: Apple Music 

It's been a excellent week for Zim-dancehall chanter Freeman, whose new project 'Freeman & Friends' is flying high on the streaming charts, spending a full week at number 1 spot on  Apple Music Top Albums in Zimbabwe. 

In recognizant of what the HKD Boss brings to the table, Apple Music reached out to the musician with some promotional tools to boost the project visibility within the iTunes store and Apple Music "We received a promo pack from Apple/iTunes, yes guys imagine the company iTunes/Apple reached out to me." said Freeman. "We were able to get an instore banner in Apple Music, this is also the first time a Zimbabwean artist has ever achieved this!"

Freeman is indeed the first Zimbabwean artists to receive this type of promotion from the streaming giant whilst earlier, Mr Kamera and Simba Tagz achieved a similar nod as music producers and engineers for 'Behind The Boards' playlist 

Freeman HKD hosts a selection of his peers on this 11-track release. He explores several genres—including R&B (“If You Love Mi”) and house (“Iparty”)—with his iteration of Zimdancehall. His thematic scope spans the upbeat grooves of “Rima” as well as the introspective, guitar-driven 

“I’m Better” which features Gemma Griffiths appears on the official Apple Music African Hip Hop playlist captioned the following notes by Apple Music Editors : "These are the essential African hip-hop tunes to hear right now. Our editors regularly update this playlist—if you hear something you like, add it to your library."


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