“Palm Springs” A Movie Starring Zimbabwean Actor Tongayi Chirisa Gets Golden Globe Awards Nomination

Tongayi Chirisa's star continues to rise in Hollywood. The actor is currently a series regular on Another Life which has a second season coming soon on Netflix and a third season is set to come next year. 2020 also saw the actor feature on the horror Antebellum where he played the role of Eli, a slave. One of his biggest roles however was on the movie "Palm Springs", a romantic comedy where he played the supporting character Jake. The project has been nominated for Best Picture Musical/Comedy at the Golden Globe Awards while the Andy Samberg has a nomination for Best Actor Motion Picture Musical/Comedy. 

Speaking to ABC Audio on why he agreed to be in the film Chirisa said, “I love Andy Samberg’s comedy and I think it’s just kind of fits in well with my style of what I deem to be funny.”

The actor described the response to the film as humbling, in an interview he said, “I think I’m still getting used to it, because a lot of times it’s just my friends who are like, ‘Oh, man, we saw your movie. That was great. That was fun. But to see fans of Andy… responding to this film… and then more particularly, to, you know, the character that I played, is kind of a surreal."

His representatives Persona PR congratulated him this morning on the achievement of his project:

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