Shungudzo Releases Visuals For To Be Me

The alternative artist, Shungudzo has been on a run of releasing amazing singles since she returned to making music late last year. Around the time of the US elections she dropped the track "It's a good day... (to fight the system)" which showcased her ever growing involvement in activism. Shungudzo aimed to address racism and inequality in the song she wrote following the death of George Floyd. The artist has long been passionate about issues affecting both Zimbabwe and her current home the United States.

Her music not only aims to entertain but to reach depths and touch somewhere. In her latest work "To be me" her message is acceptance of who you are as a person and she addresses racial issues again she speaks on a dream of feeling safe to be black in America. The video tagline reads, "I wish you love, safety and empowerment. You are not alone. We are not alone. We are infinitely strong together." The track has a somber tone that is matched by the visuals directed by G.Smith. It's definitely a song that can have you feeling emotional from its rhythm to the depth of the lyrics combined with the video.

In presenting the artwork for the latest song Shungudzo wrote:

This is the artwork for my new song, “To be me.” I started writing it in response to a guy following me in his car, flirting out the window, giving me flashbacks to being sexually violated. I wanted to tell him to fuck off — I wanted to tell him that he was making me fear for my life — but I was afraid to damage his ego and potentially put myself in a worse situation. By the time I got home, my frustration over not speaking up for myself was so intense that I could feel my heartbeat in my head. I started writing “To be me” to calm and re-empower myself, but over the half an hour it took to pour out of me, the song grew into something so much more than I set out to create. I can’t wait for you to hear “To be me” 

Checkout the video for "To be me" below:

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