Synik Drops "Underground" With Biko Emcee and Vee Mukarati

Lisbon based Zimbabwean Rapper Synik comes through to bless us with a new single titled 'Underground' featuring hard hitting rhymes from Biko Emcee and some soulful horns from Vee Mukarati. “Underground” highlights the struggles of being undocumented immigrant, both from the South African and global perspective.

"Fun Fact, Vee Mukarati is one of two people who are on both my albums. He is behind the horns on Chenjerera a song which warns of the dangers and the trappings of the big city, mentioning both Johannesburg and going overseas. By sheer coincidence he then appears on Underground, a song which highlights the struggles of being undocumented, both from the SA and global perspective. Chenjerera is more a warning not to be swayed by the big city life. Underground expresses the gritty realities that some people have to face while away from ‘home’." Said Synik in a statement

Stream Synik, Biko Emcee and Vee Mukarati’s “Underground” on Spotify and Apple Music.


Mungwadzi Godwin

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