Msiz'kay Gives Us A Live Set: "I Rap And Sing: Volume One"

The award winning rapper dropped a little something special for his fans. A live set titled I Rap And Sing: Volume One, which is a live performance made up mostly of the songs from his last album by the same name. In the live jam session Msiz'kay gives us an intimate performance which adds to the emotion of  the music and brings a new dimension to the sound. The artist's performance is complimented by beautiful backing vocals from the two singers who perform on the set. And the quality of the sound engineering is also another thing to note and the clarity of the music is a testament to the team on Msiz'kay's set. The songs performed include:

Msiz'kay - Izolo

Msiz'kay - Walk With Me

Msiz'kay - Mzilikazi

Msiz'kay - Inkomo Zamalobolo

Msiz'kay - Ngawuzw' Umoya Wami 

Msiz'kay - Dankie Ngiyabonga

Checkout the Msiz'kay's live session below:

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