Album in Focus: Ton For You Miz Oans By Indigo Saint

Known to most by the name Indigo Saint, Mzwakhiwe Ngwenya is the head honcho of Cottage 47 and one of Zimhiphop's hidden treasures. He's a rapper, songwriter, mental health advocate among the many facets of him as an individual. He's been on decade long journey in music and it seems there's no stopping for him. His has multiple Zimhiphop awards to his name among his many other accolades and he has been a beacon for the genre in the city of Bulawayo.

Ton for you miz oans was an EP released by the artist earlier this year as part one of two projects. A few weeks later it would be followed by a sister EP titled Ton for you miz chams. This follows a recipe for releases that the artist has used in the past, a few years ago Indigo released a double EP titled "The Blunt EPs" which were inspired by the tragic loss of his friend in 2015. Now although most of the music coming out of Cottage 47 has a had a trap vibe, the sound on Ton for you miz oans is a lot more mellowed down.

The EP features 4 songs and it's only about 15 minutes listening time. Indigo Saint goes at it alone as the project has no features 


  1. For The North
  2. Deluxe Ting
  3. Miles
  4. Ok Alright 

For The North feels like a theme song for a city, in this it's for the north side of Bulawayo. From the dress code to the chillspots and even the vibe, Indigo Saint captures it all. He goes, "North side until I die better fit me in a Honda Fif for my last ride..." He reps the hood like it's everything with an easy cadence and an instrumental to go with the flow. 

The song title Deluxe Ting on this occasion seems to be Indigo Saint referring to himself. Humility is shaken off and Indigo Saint embraces himself a bit as the man who runs things. The track embraces a bit of that trap energy and features Indigo's distinct easy vibe. 

Miles is a slow tempo track with that easy electronic instrumental and it features bites upon bites of lyrical wordplay. It's an insight into Indigo's motivation and it's a beautiful meeting of storytelling and lyricism. "I walk a mile for these visions I'm seeking its 2000 steps in this booth... I'm on a mission been walking for miles and it's just what I choose..."

Ok Alright is a trip. It's an eerie instrumental that has a matching auto-tune edited chorus on it that takes us on a journey. If a psychedelic was music then it would be this track. It's a playful song that feels like the kind of music you need when you're in a chemically altered state.

I have to say I love this project, the sounds on it and the vibe it delivers, coupled with Indigo's lyricism it makes it well worth the listen. Kudos to Area 51 and everyone else who did the project on this EP, it was a high standard of work and definitely a key ingredient in how good it sounds.

Greedysouth rating: 6.8/10

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