Roki Reclaims His RnB Throne With His Latest Single "Zviriko"

Here is the 2021 song  Zviriko by Roki. For a while now, Rockford "Roki" Josphats is a man who hasn't been really in the limelight for his music. It's not that he hasn't been releasing new tracks but the recipe that made him reach the heights of his success hasn't been replicated as good. And from the peaks of Roki's popularity which gave us hits like "Chidzoka" everything that came after has felt lukewarm. It's not a matter of his abilities but it seems that his present works had been trapped in the shadows of his past successes. Well that is until now...

Recorded under Passion Java records, Roki has given us his latest work; a song titled Zviriko and dare I say it, some of his best work in the last decade. While the battle for the "hip-hop crown" rages on between Holy Ten and Enzo, Roki has risen from the ashes to reclaim his RnB throne. A lot of the fans might have lost faith in him but he's proving that he never lost his touch. Zviriko is the quintessential love song and Roki not only displays his vocal strengths but an intense emotional depth. 

The track talks about 2 lovers who have found each other despite life's present circumstances like already being in another relationship. Roki brings this to light when he goes, "Ndanga ndisingazive kuti waiva munhu ane munhu wake, asi basa hazvichina, it's not gonna change me and you and our feelings..." The song has a dynamic instrumental that kicks off with gentle piano keys punctuated by Roki's voice and it's just beautiful music to listen to.

It's again great work from Oskid who did the production on the single and continues maintaining his high standard of work. The song was released accompanied by visuals directed by Director Sweezy under SAP. 

Checkout Roki's masterpiece "Zviriko" below:

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