Kikkybadass Collaborates With Crooger & GT Beats For The Raunchy "Simudza Gumbo"

Kikkybadass is back to her provocative best with her latest single "Simudza Gumbo", a collaboration with Zimhiphop heavy weight Crooger & GT Beats. Both artists featured on Kikky's last album Bloodline. Without a doubt the latest collaboration is set to have people talking, whether it's because of the raunchy lyricism or the visuals to match the explicitly of the lyrics, the song is going to be central in discussions. Nicom Muza the video director for this track clearly doesn't have a single conservative bone in his body. This video has what I would say strip club aesthetics but still with that hip-hop energy. 

Crooger is masterful on the hook and GT Beats holds his own with his verse but it's Kikky who sets the song alight. Simudza Gumbo draws inspiration in part from a popular shona war cry by the same name that's sang throughout high schools across the country. Souljah Love's own twist on the popular war cry was quite audacious but easily accepted because Zimdancehall always pushes the envelope right to the edge, yet Kikky's version goes beyond that. But as an artist who holds so many firsts including opening the first onlyfans account, pushing the envelope is nothing new to Kikkybadass.

It's going to offend many (cue the cultural and religious values brigade) but a lot are going to equally enjoy it. It's a song set apart from the average Zimhiphop and it just had to be Kikky who gave us something like it. The production on the track is done by Jonn The Producer and it's again great work for him. 

Checkout the video for "Simudza Gumbo" below:

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