Artist Releases Song and Video To Bring Light To Gender Based Violence Against Men In Zimbabwe

Grake Matim. Image: Supplied 

The artist bringing forward the plight of men is Grake Matim. He has had such an animated career starting off as a rapper in 2014, evolving to Reggae sound, later transforming into Afropop, Afrojazz and Dancehall. He has  perfomed at festivals and venues such as Jacaranda, Call To Worship, Old Hararians, weddings and universities.

Song artwork

Grake's recent offering is titled Anondishungurudza. Anondishungurudza is shona word which can be loosely translated to "he/she harasses/ troubles me" or being subjected to hostile behaviour by your significant other. Anondishungurudza is an awareness song on Gender Based Violence against men. The song is mainly delivered in Shona in an emotional and captivating way. According to Grake Matim he decided to make such a production because he felt that most people only talked about gender based violence against women only. He wanted to bring to light that both genders are affected by Gender Based violence. The song and visuals begin with a mini conversation between a support group leader, Miss Helen and Grake giving him a plartfom to pour out his heart out on the abuse he was being subjected to. The visuals are shot by Joshua Kumunda films. The support group thematic approach amplifies the message of the song and bring awareness to this plight. 


Men and boys are also victims of the gender based violence, but our society turns a blind eye to this fact. Men are likely to be killed in most gender based conflicts according to a research by the Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO). On behalf of all men from everywhere in the world, I did a basic illustration of some of the things that happen in homes. Let us fight gender based violence, it is not only women who are victims, men are also in the equation. 


Gerald Muchandiona

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