Zimbabwean Actress Tinashe Kajese Is Another Reason For You To Watch "The Suicide Squad" 2021 Film

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USA based Zimbabwean actress Tinashe Kajese is part of the “The Suicide Squad” cast, a 2021 film by Warner Bros/DC Entertainment, written and directed by James Gunn. It premiered on the 6th of August in theaters and also on HBO Max streaming platform.

Tinashe Kajese plays the role of Florence "Flo" Crawley, a member of ARGUS and the coordinator of Task Force X's missions. She also acts as a personal aide to Amanda Waller.

In the comics, Flo Crawley was the coordinator of Task Force X's missions, and the first cousin of Amanda Waller. She formed a close friendship with Oracle, who hacked into the computer system of Belle Reve to learn more about the Suicide Squad.

Flo had a crush on the Bronze Tiger, an ally of the Squad, and insisted she be allowed to go on a mission with him in the hopes that she could impress him. Waller forbade it, but when the stranded Lashina offered her a mission to Apokolips, she couldn't refuse and joined her. By the time Flo realized her mistake, she was killed on Apokolips.

The movie is a sequel to “Suicide Squad” that premiered almost five years ago in August 2016. Both installments follow the same general plot: A group of dangerous, convicted villains are given the choice to complete a secret mission in exchange for less prison time, or they will die.

Tinashe Kajese is an Award Winning Director, Actor and Educator from Zimbabwe who also lived in the United Kingdom and Kenya where she was inspired to become an actress after watching the movie, "Out of Africa" whilst living on a farm once owned by Karen Blixen whom the movie was based.

She moved to the United States to further her education at the University of Illinois where she studied under Tony Award-Winning director Daniel Sullivan. Tinashe moved to New York City where she did a Broadway and several Off-Broadway productions before relocating to Los Angeles in 2008.

She was previously named the BOLD Women’s Leadership Circle Artistic Director Fellow for the Alliance Theater season 2019-2020.

Some of Tinashe Kajese's memorable TV/Film appearances include “The Bobby Brown Story”; with Oprah Winfrey in the HBO film “The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks”, a recurring role in “Valor”,” The Inspectors”, “Killing Reagan”,”Outcast”,“Powers”,“Greenleaf”,“Born Again Virgin”,“Enlightened” and “The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg.”

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