Probeatz Has Released His Third Studio Album "BIGU"

A few days earlier than expected Probeatz has released his third studio album to the world. Before I Go Underground (BIGU) is a ten track project that continues to display the artists versatility and it is a testament to his consistency. For 3 years running Probeatz has given us an album each year, starting with VLE in 2019 and 25 in 2020. 25 saw Probeatz achieve his greatest success yet and it's certainly a tough act to follow.

A while ago Probeatz had controversially claimed he was the best HipHop artist in Zimbabwe as quite a few disputed this but his discography is getting harder and harder to dispute. In a post announcing the album, Probeatz reflected on his career and journey in the arts:

I have always loved creating and the process of creating has always been more fulfilling to me than the creation itself.
After 3 years of doing music, I can safely say I have found happiness in making music more than anything else. I started off as a dancer, became a beatboxer, I also explored my acting and writing skills on Captain Mfombi and I have found true happiness in creating. 
It’s even more beautiful when you get a chance to create with others, most importantly when your creations are appreciated and inspire others. 
Regardless of all the criticism and negativity that comes with being versatile, I have always stood firm in doing what I love and I can’t wait to share my 3rd album with you guys after releasing “VLE” in 2019 & “TWENTY FIVE” in 2020 “BEFORE I GO UNDERGROUND” #BIGU is going to be my next project, a fusion of different sounds and collaboration with different artists and producers from the Motherland.
I would love to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for believing in me since day...


BIGU has the same variety Probeatz offered us on 25 and only time will tell how well it's going to be received.

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