SoulDeep Drops Her Latest Single "Breathe"

The talented vocalist is here with her latest song and it's a soulful tune filled with deeper meaning typical of her name. SoulDeep termed it an audio film because they're so many layers of storytelling weaved into it. It's the essence of RnB meets Trapsoul and there's something about its mellow sound. Breathe is about freedom, not in the physical sense but the mental chains that bind us.

When I wrote this song, I was going through the most mentally. It was probably during or towards the end of the lockdown in 2020. I found myself face to face with my childhood trauma, and the subsequent pain that came from it. Breathe is about the need to be set free from it all. 


The song is deeply personal to SoulDeep and it's evident in not just how she talks about the process that went into it but how she sings.

As I watched a Jerry Flowers (@redefinedtv) sermon where he addressed the “what happens in this house,stays in this house” mentality many of us grew up in,I realised that not talking about trauma is more commonplace than I had imagined, and moreso when it comes to sexual trauma. I don't remember the actual day I wrote the first lyrics to this song, but I knew "Splitslou" had sent me a great beat that captured some of what I was feeling. I don't know if I got the lyrics first or the beat, but when I put them together, it all made sense. Some of the words are about me, others were inspired by things I've seen or heard, but I hope that those of us who have issues we need to deal with will begin to (or at least consider) reach out for the help we need.

Checkout the single "Breathe" below:

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