VI The Law Brings Together King Massey & Soko Matemai For The Underdog Anthem "Mzaya"

VI The Law is having a phenomenal year in hiphop. After bringing together an all star cast for the Van Choga (Remix)he's back again with another collaboration. VI The Law teams up with Soko Matemai and King Massey for Mzaya. And I have to say the combination is out of this world. VI The Law has given another one for the ages. He has mastered the art of bringing the right people together to make music that fully embraces the essence of the art. 

For everyone who have overcome and are still overcoming big obstacles and still rising.

Mzaya has a vibrant energy on it that is punctuated by rich lyricism and gruff vocals that keep the track amped. And I don't just mean rich lyricism on the surface but the guys brought bars that are layered. 

Soko Matemai goes, "Now I move like a true gemini because ndava nembiri..." and I don't think you grasp how lyrical that is. People with the Gemini star sign are said to be extremely extroverted, enthusiastic and social beings. So Soko Matemai might mean he's now going out there loud in the world like a Gemini because he has mbiri in terms of fame. However Gemini's are said to have two sides or dual personalities so Soko Matemai might mean he's now moving like a Gemini because he has mbiri in terms of the number 2 (sides).

VI The Law himself is not too outdone but he holds his own. He drops gems like, "That's a red flag and I'm not a matador I can't deal with that bull..." and "I was dead broke watching Tehn Diamond sell 'Happy' tees, now I'm building an empire of NFTs". Soko Matemai brings a more gruff performance to the track that's beautifully offset by VI The Law's smoothness in delivery. VI The Law alternates his vocal delivery in high pitched & lower pitched undertones that has shades of Kendrick on Monalisa and King Massey brings it together with his vocals on the chorus.

The production is masterfully handled by Tris I Hear You while VI The Law handles the mixing and mastering.

Checkout the track Mzaya below:

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