Nelson Makomo

Nelson Makamo is South African Artist known for his artwork that tells stories of the township life in South Africa. He has had collaborations with Porsche and other big brands around the world. In 2019, Oprah Winfrey purchased one of his artworks which got him a lot of recognition from art buyers around the world. I am pretty sure his prices went up after the Oprah 'effect'. We all know when Oprah admires anyone or any product everyone wants to be a affliated or be  part of it. He then went on to be featured on the front page of TIME magazine. 

  art gallery

Nelson is currently  showcasing his art work in Los Angeles. The tittle of his exhibition is called BLUE. Popular creatives and celebrities have been at his exhibition and I am pretty sure some high profile celebrities that decided to be subtle on his Instagram page.

Ryan Shava

Blessed are those that invested in Nelson Makamo's artwork before it was well known internationally. Why? Because they can resale the artwork for thousands of dollars because his work is now internationally recognised. Above is an image of a Zimbabwean  artist based in Cape  Town his name is Ryan Shava. I believe he is really is one of the young artists that people should check out and invest in his art. A 22 year old who has painted  over 500 paintings with 27 plus exhibitions under his belt and has done murals and also a poet. NOW is the best time to invest in young African artists like him, his artwork will be worth more in the future and accumulate value steadily.
The best way to invest in African art is to support  young artists. Now with the advent of NFTs African art is going to be popular around the world. The best way to have a good collection is to start collecting now and try to go around art colleges looking for the best talent and investing in them before they start selling their artwork for a higher price. 

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