Thembi Mawema Makes Her Live TV Debut On The Nick Cannon Show

Thembi Mawema recently made her live tv debut alongside Nick Cannon on his self named show. Alongside the actor she was part of presenting the segment titled "Shading with the stars". Thembi has often been on the red carpet brushing shoulders with the stars through her work for The Shade Room. Speaking on her tv debut Thembi wrote:

Look y’all! I’m on TV! So honoured that my first LIVE TV debut was with the GOAT & one & only, King of hosting himself - Nick Cannon! BRB, going to thank God.

Thembi is widely known for her fashion tips and lifestyle YouTube channel. She's also presently the managing editor of The Shade Room. The Shade Room is an Entertainment site that is quickly becoming a well known and respected brand. It has over 6.7 million followers across it's social networks, and website hits surpassing 5 million a month, it is rapidly establishing it's place in media. It's primary focus is celebrity gossip, trending news, and interesting/funny stuff.

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