Check Out Winky D's New Song Titled Happy Again

Winky D

Earlier this week, Winky D embarked on a social media roll out campaign for his latest single and accompanying music video titled Happy Again

Happy Again was produced by Oskid and Layaan Soljah with Maselo playing the lead guitar.

For the music video, Winky D linked up with Shawn Ray, a Johannesburg based Filmmaker who previously directed the music video for MuGarden and brought to life Happy again lyrics 
and message that money alone cannot buy love in a tragic short film that themes around love triangle between a King, Queen and a Servant. The short film was inspired by the opening lines from the song;

It’s not money that can buy you all the things in life
It’s not money that can make you be a better wife
It’s not money that can make you pay the love price
It’s not money no

It all starts when Queen’s mother arranged her daughter to marry a very old King so she could become a Queen “Look at my Queen, you have made me such a proud mother.” She brags to her daughter who was in love with someone else, Winky D - a mere servant in the kingdom. “Mother!” She quips, “I would much rather die than to see that happen.” She responds in disagreement.

The Queen ends up running away from the Palace to be with Winky D who is the love of her life. Upon hearing the news, the King orders Winky D to be assassinated forcing them to escape from the Kingdom.

Watch the powerful video below

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