Holy Ten Drops A Voltz Reply "Mbuya Vana Munya"

Holy Ten has hit back at Voltz JT's "Muchiround" with a track titled "Mbuya Vana Munya". The song was dropped in the evening yesterday, several hours after Voltz dropped his own diss track. Holy Ten poked fun at Voltz JT's circle, the fact that he was trying to copy his cadence and he also spoke about one of the love interests that starred in Voltz's recent drop "Friends". The track is upbeat with strong trap influences and Holy flows on it with similar energy to Zviri Pa2.

Holy Ten
Holy Ten

Image: Instagram/holytenmusic

Holy Ten landed a few punches within his verses but as things stand, I would give Voltz JT the upper hand. The most impressive thing so far though, has to be the turnaround time for the music. And the scorecards aside its quality entertainment all round. Mbuya Vana Munya was produced by Lutherbrax and mixed & mastered by Holy himself. Surprisingly though both videos dropped by Holy Ten & Voltz JT were directed by Leoy V and it's the best of work as always from the director.

The beef might've been overshadowed by Takura's release of Haarore this week and the discussions around it but it's perfectly set for an interesting round 2. 

Check out the video for Mbuya Vana Munya below:


  1. Haa guys, we srsly don't care who you think is doing better, stop acting like you're being paid to promote vanhu pamaWebsite enyu eNews aya.. We want NEWS, keep us updated as we google these things, iwewe it's not job to tell kuti "ndiyani waukufunga kuti anogona" and btw zviripa2 "it's either unemaFacts or unemakuhwa"

    1. The problem is urifan yaHoly.

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