Rick Ross Plans To Sign Two African Artists To His Music Label

Following a recent visit to Nigeria and Angola during the Easter 2022 holiday, US-based Rapper Rick Ross explained how he was inspired to support African artists and wants to sign two artists from different regions of the African continent

“After being in Nigeria the other night, I saw so much talent and so many fly artists and dope performers that it’s official,” Said Rick Ross. “Maybach Music Africa, Rick Ross will be signing two artists. Better believe it from parts of Africa, so let’s stay in touch, let’s build.”

Rick Ross Plans To Sign Two African Artists To His Music Label
Rick Ross Image posted on his Instagram

Rick Ross also visited the slums of Luanda, Angola, and spent time with fans where he expressed his desire to collaborate with more African artists while shouting out quite a few who have caught his attention.

“I just woke up here on Easter and I just wanted to share love and just want to rep,” said Ross in a video posted to Instagram. “I feel like it’s not enough American artists shedding light on Africa, supporting African artists, so what I wanted to do was just wake up and I’ma go out in the city today. I’ma go out in the slums, I’ma go places that the police don’t even want to go and I’ma just show love.”

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